Worship Guide 3-22-2020

Our Guest Speaker this Sunday will be Sergio Lopez

The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Greetings, everyone!  

We are excited to welcome back Sergio Lopez this coming Sunday, March 22, 2020.  Sergio will be bringing us a message entitled, “Spiritual Blindness, Transformation, and the Coming of  the Kingdom of God.” Some of you may know Sergio as a justice activist, and some of you, like me, will be meeting him for the first time.  Let’s give him a warm, extravagant welcome to our Worship Gathering!

For the first time ever, UCC in Simi Valley will be gathering together in worship remotely and virtually, out of necessary, abundant precaution and preventive measures to keep everyone healthy and safe through the medical crisis of COVID-19.  We will join together to worship God, share our joys and concerns in prayer, read Scripture (the sacred story for Sunday is about Jesus healing a man born blind, in The Gospel According to John 9:1-41), hear a sermon, and hopefully sing a couple of songs.  Although we will be apart physically, we will be together spiritually. I invite you to remember and reflect on these words from The Gospel According to Matthew 18:20, in which Jesus tells his disciples, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in their midst.”  

We will meet via ZOOM.  Everyone will receive an e-mail with easy-to-follow instructions on accessing the ZOOM meeting.  For those without internet access or an e-mail address, we are curating a Phone Tree in order to pass along the information.  Anyone can use any type of phone to call in to join the meeting, you do not need a computer or a smartphone – you can use your landline!  Council chose to use ZOOM as our virtual meeting platform just for this reason, so that everyone is included.

There will be a “practice meeting” prior to worship, on Saturday (March 21).  Watch your e-mail – or wait for a phone call – with the instructions on joining this practice meeting, so you can learn how to use ZOOM before the Worship Gathering on Sunday.  

Worship will start at 10:00 AM on Sunday.  I encourage you to connect to the ZOOM meeting at around 9:50 AM, so that you can be fully prepared to participate. 

Everyone will receive a brief outline of the Order of Worship as a Word document, as well as the PowerPoint slide show – see below.   Please take a look at either – or both – prior to Worship. You may wish to print the outline, or download the PowerPoint to your computer so that you can follow along.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you all again, and to hearing Sergio’s message!  In the meantime, take good care, get plenty of rest, take a walk outside, enjoy nature, offer a prayer or an intention to God, and wash your hands!

 With Peace, Grace, and Love in the Time of Coronavirus,
~ Rev. Stacy 

Order of Worship

Outline Only (Word Document)

Full Order of Worship