Worship Guide 1-26-2020

Considering New Directions

New directions.  Challenges. Transformations.  Re-orienting ourselves. These themes from Sunday’s Scripture of The Gospel According to Matthew, 4:12-23, align with the themes which our own church is facing right now.  As we pause before our Annual Congregational Meeting to worship God and connect with one another, we need to ask ourselves and each other, Where is God leading us? Are we following?  Are we open to new directions? How are we facing the multitude of challenges that seem endless? How are we trusting God for what’s next with our church? What are our core values – and how are we living them out?  In the story from Matthew, two sets of brothers leave everything – businesses, family, comfort, community, security – to follow an itinerant preacher into the great unknown. We see God using the ordinary to bring about the extraordinary.  How have we experienced – and how will we continue to experience – the extraordinary?  

As we consider new directions and transformations, we will be welcoming new members into our church family .

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday for our Worship Gathering and our Congregational Meeting afterward!  

~ Rev. Stacy

Order of Worship