Worship Guide 1-19-2020

Monday, January 20, 2020, is observed in the United States as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  We will be celebrating this remarkable individual through word, song, and images during our Worship Gathering on Sunday.  

MLK day
Monday, January 20 is Rev. Dr, Martin Luther King Day

While many people recognize the Rev. Dr. King as a powerful political leader in social justice arenas, particularly in the areas of Civil Rights and equality for African Americans, it is often overlooked that he was more than a reformer and political activist.  He was a pastor, preacher, teacher, and follower of Jesus, desiring to live out the teachings of Jesus. During our Worship Gathering, we will be exploring the different ways in which the Rev. Dr. King expressed through words and actions the gospel message of transformation.  We can bring true change to the world through our lived-out expressions of God’s love, if we allow such a powerful, incredible love to sink into our hearts and minds, transforming our attitudes and conduct.  

~Rev. Stacy Thomas

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