What should you do with your holiday cards?

Recycling greeting cards

We get stacks of Christmas, birthday and various holiday cards every year, and it can tug at the heart to simply throw them away. The folks at St. Jude’s Children’s Ranch in Nevada have turned this quandary into an opportunity. St. Jude’s collects these used cards and then the children then turn them into new cards and sell them to finance their programs.

You can can learn how to send your cards here, or you can turn them right here at UCC Simi Valley. For the next three weeks, we will leave a marked box in the lobby at our church for used cards. They will be mailed to the St. Jude’s Children’s Ranch in Nevada.

*You can also bring other cards such as birthday, valentines etc.
*It is not necessary to remove the fronts of the cards but you may do so for privacy reasons if you wish.