Weekly Worship Bulletin 11-17-2019

Sing to God a new song!  Sing praises to God with the harp and the trumpet!  Sing to God with the drum and the guitar! Sing to God with melodious song!  

Let’s rejoice and express our gratitude for our ministry of music – during our Worship Gatherings and during concerts, dinner dances, and other events, celebrating this wonderful gift God has given.

There Rings a Melody is our theme for this Sunday’s Worship Gathering, as we connect with one another after another week, and seek to praise and worship God who is ever present in our midst.  The Scripture for Sunday is Psalm 98, a short psalm focusing on praising God with the music that we offer as well as the music that nature offers. This psalm is actually the inspiration for Isaac Watts’ beloved Christmas carol, Joy to the World!  It’s a rousing call to the human congregation and the natural world, all the earth, to sing, to praise, to rejoice, and make a joyful noise together.  

This week, our Opening Hymn is “Enter, Rejoice, and Come In,” from the New Century Hymnal (#73).  Our Closing Hymn is “To God Compose a Song of Joy,” also from the New Century Hymnal (#36). Our Choir, directed by John  Paton, will sing their Anthem, “Many Gifts, One Spirit.”  

Following Worship, we will have a Congregational Conversation about our Music Ministry.  We’ll discuss what we love, what we want, what changes we’d like to consider, and how we can renew, refresh, and revitalize our church music program.  Come ready to share with your ideas, suggestions, and questions! I’m looking forward to a rousing and robust discussion!

 ~Rev. Stacy L. Thomas

Sunday’s Order of Worship

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