Tonight! Spiritual Practice: Walking the Labyrinth

March 10th, 2021
7:30-9:00 PM



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What is a Labyrinth?

  • An ancient symbol representing “the meandering path of the soul through life, death, and rebirth.  This symbolism may have originated in the labyrinth’s similarity to the twisting paths that lead to and come from caves, which symbolize the womb.” (London & Recio, 124)
  • ”For medieval Christians, walking the labyrinth was a ritual reminder that if they held onto their faith, they would lose their way, but would be guided by God.  …  [But] it isn’t possible to lose one’s way in a labyrinth.  There’s only one way in and one way out, regardless of how many twists and turns occur along the path.” (London & Recio, 124-125)
    Here are two different finger labyrinths for you.  Choose your favorite one, or the one that speaks the most to you, and print it out.  Follow the path with your finger just as you would if you were walking it. We will do a Labyrinth Meditation together during our time together, but I invite you to do it on your own as a spiritual
    practice this week.  

Here is a Meditation you may wish to follow.  Of course, you are welcome to create your own. 

  • Set an intention.  Do you wish to meditate on an aspect of your life, receive guidance about a problem or concern, or simply open your heart and mind to inspiration.  You may wish to repeat a word or short phrase that is special, meaningful, or sacred to you, to help you focus your thoughts on your intention.
  • Offer a blessing or a prayer before you begin.  Then, move forward.
  • Become aware of your thoughts and feelings.  Allow them to guide your pace.  
  • Check in with yourself as you near the center.  How do you feel?  Do you wish to speed up, or to slow down?  Relax, be patient.  You will get there when you are meant to arrive.  
  • Remain at the center for as long as you need. Take time to be still.  Listen.  Receive whatever message is meant for you.
  • When you are ready, offer a prayer, reset your intention, and  begin the journey back.
  • Repeat your mantra if you wish.
  • Remain focused on your intention.  Remain open to further or deeper messages.  What is the Spirit saying to you?
  • At the end, as you approach the exit which was the entrance, remember:  “All endings are beginnings and beginnings are endings.” (London & Recio, 127)
  • Just before you exit, take a moment to become still and centered, offer a prayer or blessing, and then move out of the labyrinth.
  • Afterwards, you might want to write in a journal about your experience, reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, and realizations. 
    Consider how to integrate these discoveries into your daily life.  

We will meet via Zoom starting at 7:30 PM.  I look forward to spending this time with you as we Embrace our Spiritual Journeys, cultivate our faith lives, and connect with God and one another.  

Toward Embracing Life and Faith Together,

Rev. Stacy

London, Eileen, and Belinda Recio, Sacred Rituals: Connecting with Spirit through Labyrinths, Sand Paintings & Other Traditional Arts. Gloucester, MA: Fair Winds Press, 2004.