The UCC Simi Choir offers a moving Easter Anthem.
Sunday Worship services begin at 10 a.m. Children and youth are dismissed from morning worship to attend their classes.

Quick Visitor Tips

*Our members come dressed in various ways. Some wear their Sunday best, others dress in casual attire. Don’t worry we’re not judging your outfit!

*Plenty of parking is available on site. There are even spaces reserved for visitors right by the entrance!

* Our main entrance and restroom is accessible for those in wheelchairs or walkers.

*A gender-neutral restroom is available.

*Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month. Our Communion table is open to all. Wine and juices options are available and our bread portion is gluten free.

*Classes for children and youth take place during the worship service. Please bring your children in to the service with you. They will be dismissed from the sanctuary. If your child requires nursery care, please let our greeter know. More information on children/program here.

*Please stay after the service for coffee, food and friendship!

Our Music Ministry includes everyone from professional musicians to students.

Our Worship Philosophy

Our service is divided into three parts:

  • Experiencing God Through Celebration
  • Experiencing God Through Reflection
  • Experiencing God Through Community

This offers us an opportunity to move beyond mere theology and into the realm of the experiential. Through celebration we connect with the God that is ever just beyond our full comprehension. We experience awe and wonder through singing songs, hearing our choir’s rousing anthem or sharing moments of gratitude. Through reflection we are able to quiet the noise of the week and experience the stillness and peace of God through the lighting of candles, listening to the calming sounds of a rainstick or reading and responding to scripture. Through congregational sharing and fellowship we experience God through community.

Special Services

Cafe Church
Church like you have never experienced before!
Creative format where we try new ways of experiencing our faith while sitting at tables drinking coffee and sharing a meal.

Blessing of the Animals

Our yearly combined service with St. Francis Episcopal Church gives us a chance to bring our beloved pets and share our interfaith friendship.

Interfaith Thanksgiving
This yearly gathering celebrates two of our favorite things: Gratitude and learning from each other. Jewish, Muslim and Christian churches are represented.

Community Sunday
Several times a year, we invite someone from the community or from another faith tradition and ask them to be our guest speaker.  

For upcoming services please see our calendar.