UCC Simi has a long and ongoing history of welcoming and serving immigrants.  We acted as a “sanctuary” church for a family facing deportation, and advocated for reform of immigration laws.

Today, our members are active volunteers with the Conejo Interfaith Refugee Team.  Our church is the hub for storage of home furnishings donated to outfit the dwellings of incoming migrants from all over the world. 

To join us in this effort, contact our church office HERE.

The Conejo Interfaith Refugee Team is a local coalition of interfaith and secular groups and individuals helping refugees wherever the need is from all over the world.

It works collaboratively with local refugee case management agencies to support families and to fill in the gaps with various needs. It networks and organize assistance for refugee families in our area. Refugees have many countries, many ages, but have the same need for kindness. 

Over the years, it has assisted more than 26 families from south and central America, India, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Republic of Congo, and are beginning to help Ukrainians and Western Russians fleeing war.