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About the Hope Shall Bloom Fund

A simple program that began with a fishbowl and a simple phrase: “Change to Change the World” has blossomed into program that generates thousands of dollars every year to help worthy causes. Every month a different cause that aligns with our Core Values is chosen by our Board of Deacons and this special offering is passed along to charities like CLUE Ventura County, The Samaritan Center, One Great Hour of Sharing and more. If you would like to give to the this month’s cause, simply select “Hope Shall Bloom” from the drop-down list in the form above.

Hope Shall Bloom for This Month

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Community Dinner Program

This month we are supporting our Community Dinner Program. We work with other churches and organizations in the area to provide meals to those in need. During Covid, we have not been able to have in-person meals, but continued to find ways to support the community including donating funds to our local homeless shelter.

 We will be restarting our Community Dinner meal service on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.  However, we will not be hosting the dinners at our church due to Covid concerns.  During this time, we will have an abbreviated form of service in which the meals will be prepared and packaged in individual servings at our church.  The meals will then be delivered to the Samaritan Center for distribution. Currently, the Samaritan Center is requesting 20 meals to be delivered by 3:30 PM.

   Volunteers are welcomed.  Meal preparation will begin at 1:00 PM on Tuesday (1/18/2022) in our church kitchen.  Recent church-approved Covid safety rules will be observed.
   If anyone has access to new “to-go” containers, donations will be gratefully accepted. 

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