Embrace Life Project

Tired of waiting for life to begin again?

Webinar #1

Fractured Consciousness:
April 17, 2 PM
How Understanding these Two Words makes life Exciting, Meaningful and Beautiful.

Webinar #2

Tuning In:
April 24, 2 PM
Building a Personal Spiritual Practice even if you Struggle with Meditation.

Webinar #3

Digging Deep:
May 1, 2 PM
Building a Life Based on Passion and Purpose.

Webinar #4

Making Change:
May 8, 2 PM
Building Community with Passion and Purpose

The ELP Three Part Program

ELP Instructor

Meet Your Instructor

Former Pastor and current digital nomad, Curtis L. Rodgers, is known for his unique approach to faith, life and leadership. The author of "Unleash Your Magical Powers" bottled his insightful, upbeat and often hilarious take on spirituality into the Embrace Life Project, and is excited to get started!

Free Webinar Series

Learn simple and effective life skills which merge spiritual concepts with practical daily living. Stop the unhelpful practice of living a reactionary life and begin living as an empowered co-creator! We call this the "ELP Mindset."

Support Groups

Meet with like-minded people to practice the principles of the "Embrace Life Project" (ELP) mindset who will encourage your growth, listen to your pain and help you explore areas of great potential in your life!

Mini Projects

With the encouragement and participation of your Support Group, you'll engage in projects like creating a piece of art, recording a podcast or even organizing a community service event.

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