Core Values


Approved by the membership on November 20, 1994

A church that cares for mind, body, soul and spirit.

Our Church’s Experience of God

God Calls us into Covenant Community

  1. Our church is rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
  2. For us, the Bible is a record of faith journeys to be taken seriously, but not always literally.
  3. Our church is challenged and inspired by the teachings of Jesus.
  4. We engage together in spiritual journeys, pilgrimages, and processes.
  5. Our church practices an affirming faith rather than one based on guilt and/or fear.
  6. Our church seeks to be multicultural, respecting and learning from traditions which differ from our own.
  7. Our church aids people in discovering and developing spiritual resources for living an abundant life.

Our Church and Social Justice

We Affirm the Inherent Worth of All Creation

  1. Our church welcomes people without regard to doctrinal beliefs, race, nationality, ability, economic status, sex, age, or sexual orientation.
  2. Church members manifest love, support, and connectedness to each other and all creation.
  3. Our church respects diversity and differences of opinion.
  4. We encourage people to engage both intellect and emotions in the expression of their faith.
  5. Our ministry affirms ecumenical and secular partnerships.

Our Church and Its Life

We are Called to Protect and Heal God’s World

  1. Our church is committed to the stewardship of God’s creation.
  2. Our church affirms basic human rights, and encourages involvement on behalf of those whose rights are threatened.
  3. Our church provides forums for the exploration of ideas, especially, but not limited to, the pursuit of justice and peace.
  4. Our church is a center of outreach to the community.
  5. We acknowledge that we are all in need of forgiveness, understanding, patience, learning, and spiritual guidance.
  6. God has yet more light to be revealed to us.



“We covenant to worship God; to live the good news of God’s love as revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus; to gather in faithful community to seek righteousness, justice, and peace, and to render loving service to all of God’s creation.”