Book Study in the Midst

New Book Study Group 
‘Me and White Supremacy’
 by Layla Saad
Every Tuesday, 7PM
(except the first Tuesday of the month)

A Positive Challenge in These Challenging Times

 Rather than be disturbed or feeling helpless about all the social unrest
occurring around 
racial injustice, let’s take the opportunity
to do something about it and feel empowered.

 It’s not a new issue, we’ve been here before, but something about this time feels different. Do you agree? We are in a moment in history where we can actually be catalysts for long-lasting change when it comes to racial injustice in this country and the world. 

I’m referring to our Book Study Group on Tuesdays (except first Tuesday of the month) at 7 p.m. We will be discussing Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad. It is written for ALL people who are white or passing for white. We are all born into a system of white supremacy, not by our choosing, but it is our choice to do something about it. Her goal is to facilitate change and promote healing. Unless you’ve done the work already to be an ally, and that doesn’t include just having family or friends of color,
I want to challenge those of you who think you are
already “woke” enough that you don’t need this to join us.

As someone who has read the whole book already, and considered herself fairly “woke,” it was eye opening. Hearing that progressive white Christians are some of the most challenging to deal with for people of color was hard to hear. It made me realize that I had a ways to go to learning how to be an ally. It is also true that if you are not actively seeking to be anti-racist, you are supporting the system of white supremacy that already exists by sitting idly by and benefiting from it. She intentionally chose the term White Supremacy knowing that it would be provocative, but she did it for a good reason.

 This is “heart”work. It will be personal, individual, deep, challenging, heart breaking and heart-opening. As Layla states, it will require Truth, Love and Commitment. I know many of us are stretched thin emotionally and psychologically in these pandemic times, and it may seem like too much to ask of ourselves. I am right there with you, but I feel this work is also too important to ignore. As Layla states, it will require self-care, support and sustainability. We will need to practice self-love and compassion for each other in every session. It must remain a safe judgement-free zone where listening to ourselves and others with an open mind is a priority. 

~Carla Ritter, Group Facilitator

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