THE BUS IS COMING!  to UCC SIMIMarch 10, Sunday, 6:30 pm

At UCC Simi Valley on March 10, Sunday, 6:30 pm – free and open to all
Spread the word – the VOTE COMMON GOOD bus is coming to town!

Join us for an evening to shed light on the pressing issue of Christian nationalism and its threat to our democracy.   Christian nationalism, defined as the fusion of religious identity and nationalistic ideals, has become a growing concern in our society.

At this event, we will delve into the meaning and impact of Christian nationalism, exploring its implications for our democracy and the values we hold dear, and consider what we can do to respond positively.

Doug Pagitt, Executive Director of Vote Common Good, a national organization committed to promoting the common good through faith and politics, will be in dialogue with Jim Burklo, pastor of UCC Simi Valley and Executive Director of Progressive Christians Uniting/ZOE: Progressive Christian Life on CampusOther special guests will join the conversation – stay tuned!


Worship Preview 3/3:  “The Power of Ritual”

Jim Burklo will lead us in an exploration of the transformative and healing power of ritual in our lives on 3/3.  And for March 5, the primary election, let’s put ritual back into voting! — so that our hearts will move our hands to mark our ballots for the common good.  Ask your friends and family members:  “With which hand will you be voting on November 8?”  Take that hand and hold it with yours, and say: “May love (or God) guide your hand to vote for the common good!”  And as you put your absentee ballot in the mail, or turn in your ballot at the polling place, salute it and say:
“I salute all those Americans who risked their lives for my right to vote!”



Souljourning  is an interfaith, inter-spiritual community event for All Ages, hosted by UCC Simi, promoting the spiritual nurture of all people. It’s a free event at UCC Simi.  Families of any or no faith background are encouraged to participate, without any expectation of formal affiliation.

Next Souljourning event:  March 17, Sunday, 11 am after worship:  making COLLAGES to illustrate our interpretations/experiences of Lent, Holy Week, and Easter – to display in church between Palm Sunday and Easter….

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here!

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