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 June 23: Mike Proulx
Professor Mike Proulx teaches Roman history at the University of North Georgia. He’s the husband of UCC Simi regular, Julie Higbee, who has been caring for her mother here in Simi Valley. Mike will give us a mini-“lecture” by way of the message on Sunday – don’t miss it!
Mustard Seed for the week of 6/23-29:
What’s your place in history, and what’s your task in
changing it?

KIDS @ UCC Simi:

SOULJOURNING is an event for all ages, hosted by UCC Simi, promoting the spiritual nurture of all people, particularly children. It’s a free event at UCC Simi.  Families of any or no faith background are encouraged to participate, without any expectation of formal affiliation.  


 On Hiatus until Autumn,


See our RESOURCES for families, for nurturing the natural spirituality of their kids…

JOIN US in welcoming immigrants to our community!  Find out how to get involved HERE

NEW at UCC Simi:  PLAYA – a community of people freely creating, sharing, giving, and receiving.  Artistic experiences, give-away/swap days, and other happenings @ United Church of Christ, Simi Valley – a progressive church at 370 Royal Ave.   Following the ten principles of Burning Man.

NEXT EVENT: Coming Soon!


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