What is Awesome School?

Sundays during Church, 10 a.m.

Ages 4 to 11

UCC Simi is committed to progressive religious education and Sunday School is a chance talk about things that aren’t discussed in school while affirming teachings from home.  My hope is to have children build lifelong spiritual joy.

Rebecca Lirette

Rebecca Lirette
Teacher, ages 4-11

I love to teach. More importantly, I love having a trusting, nurturing classroom where the kids teach me.  A typical class may include anything from prayer, songs and music, games, lessons, time outside, sharing time, meditation, crafts, speaking, plays, to scriptures and bible stories.  Our classroom is a place to encourage faith (and doubt) with lessons that are heart-centered and experiential, engaging feelings and bodies and minds. It’s also a place for me to help kids discover their own superpowers and gifts.

Our theme this year is Asking for Forgiveness. Just imagine a world where everyone knew how to take responsibility for their wrong doings, to ask for forgiveness, and to build relationships?

Who knows what exciting lessons will happen?  I'll never forget my own Sunday School teacher, Mr. Johnson, giving us roses from his garden wrapped in wet paper towel and foil.  I want to create these happy memories for our kids, too.


Contact us for more information or to speak with me.  We’d love to have you and your kids visit!

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