Pet Policy

United Church of Christ Simi Valley

Pet Friendly ChurchAnimal/Dog Policy

The intent of this Animal/Dog policy is to provide a safe and welcoming place for all people

attending the United Church of Christ Simi Valley.

The following requirements must be adhered to if an individual desires to bring his or her animal

into the church buildings or on church property.

1) All animals shall be on a leash or confined in a carrier and are to be under the control and

supervision of the owner at all times.

2) All leashed dogs/animals must be on a hand held leash that is no longer than six feet in length.

No retractable leashes will be permitted.

3) Animals that are not house-trained shall not be brought inside the church building(s).

4) Animal owners are required to clean up after their animals on church grounds.

5) If the animal’s presence or behavior is determined to be unsafe or is a disruption of the church

service or activity then the animal owner may be asked by the minister or by an officiant, trustee

or deacon to remove his or her animal from the church property.

6) The animal owner is liable and will be held responsible for any damage or injury to property

or to people caused by the animal while on church property.